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Our phone answering services at Bridge Communications are nothing like what many people have experienced with others in this industry. There’s nothing impersonal or awkward about it when one of our answering agents answers your phone. We take special pains to ensure that we can operate as a part of your team instead of as disinterested outside parties picking up the phone. The difference becomes clear when you provide the message of your choice for us to use when we answer each call. It could be as simple as, “YOUR COMPANY NAME. How can I help you today?” Our agents are professional, personable, and courteous.
Answering Phones for Some of The Finest Companies.

The Process

Phone Services Tailored to Your Needs

It isn’t just the way we answer phones that sets us apart at Bridge Communications. We also gather as much pertinent information from you as possible so that, when needed, we can do more than simply take a number and a message. If, for instance, you are an HVAC specialist, you may want us to ask a series of questions, such as, “Is your air conditioner a window unit or an HVAC system?” If it’s a window unit, our instructions may be to advise the caller that “your company” specializes in complete air conditioning systems, not window units. Any questions you may want us to ask or actions you may want us to take will apply to your specific industry, your company protocol, and your instructions. For instance, we can contact you immediately by email, text, and/or a call.

Who are the People Answering the Phones?

Another unique aspect of Bridge Communications is that our answering agents are all local and work out of our office in Ardmore, Oklahoma. We are the place to call for outsourced phone answering services, but we don’t outsource any of our work. Staff members are all highly trained and dedicated to helping you succeed and yet we offer affordable phone answering services.

What if Callers Get Angry?

Consumers today have become accustomed to many things in life being instant. If a caller wants something they can’t get at all or can’t get quickly enough, they may get upset. We are accustomed to all sorts of responses. With our phone answering service, you don’t need to worry about the demeanor of our answering agents. We remain calm and treat every person with complete deference, compassion, empathy, and respect not necessarily with a flood of words but with a still-professional tone and unapologetic adherence to whatever our guidelines for calls might be, which are according to your instructions.

What Does 24/7/365 Really Mean?

Bridge Communications is not like a drawbridge that is open sometimes and closed other times. We are literally open and answering calls 24 hours per day every day of the year. You can relax, whether you are on vacation, busy on a job, in an important meeting, or at a conference to get a professional refresher course. Our answering agents will answer every call, day or night, 24 hours a day every day. Now, doesn’t that give you a bit more peace of mind? Our agents are like valuable members of your team, and that’s how we conduct ourselves.

Bridge Communications Pricing:

Plans Start at $7 Per Day!

Our flexible pricing options also include:

  • Minute-Based Pricing
  • Tiered Plans
  • Custom Plans
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