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Welcome to Bridge Communications

All incoming calls are answered by your professional answering service with the personalized greeting of your choice.

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Answering Phones for Some of The Finest Companies.

Bridge Communications

We are a family-owned company operating out of Ardmore, Oklahoma, and we provide 24/7 live business answering services customized according to your directions. Bridging you to new customers and keeping ongoing clients connected, as well, is important to us. We answer calls for all businesses and professionals 365 days of the year. The phone answering industry we’re in sometimes has a bad reputation as an outsourced phone service that is approximately as helpful as an answering machine, but we are nothing like that! At Bridge Communications LLC, we care about every call as well as each caller, which is reflected in the way we consistently operate with professionalism and courtesy.

A primary goal we have is to come across as a bona fide part of your team. We gather knowledge about each business, which equips us to provide upfront help to our client and the caller. Another practice is to have the same person on our Bridge Communications staff answering calls for certain clients. Our cost-saving services can help you gain new business by ensuring that you don’t miss a single call. Consumers today have high expectations as far as customer service. In fact, product and service quality is often unimportant as compared with customer service! We fully grasp our essential role as your virtual reception desk and operate as a Bridge that’s literally never closed with customized round-the-clock live phone answering services.

Who We Are

At Bridge Communications, we are your bridge to callers who become happy customers instead of lost opportunities. As the best answering service, we answer your phone calls live, as if to say your office is open for business and ready to serve your clients’ needs.

Every call from clients is urgent, important, or both. We’re there 24 hours per day every single day of the year. The trained and motivated members of our team put your customers at ease by taking their calls, writing down and conveying messages and information, and answering questions. We also provide analytics reports.

Some of the Industries
We Serve

Bridge Communications is a professional answering service.
We are always here as a bridge to connect your business with every customer who calls.

man repairing AC home services

Home Services

One of the quickest ways to lose potential new customers is for them to get an answering machine when they call. A trained customer service representative can answer your phone 24/7.

Home Services

Potential customers won’t know that you’re the best home service company unless they can make the desired connection. With Bridge Communications answering every call that comes in, you don’t have to miss another opportunity to grow your business.
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home health care

Home Health Care

Today’s consumers often expect 24/7 availability, and many simply hang up if a live person doesn’t answer their call. Reaching a professional answering service instills confidence.

Home Health Care

As a HIPAA compliant answering service providing 24/7 phone services every day of the year, we are the best answering service for your home health care business. We provide a bridge to callers you might otherwise miss when busy providing patient services.
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Man standing at funeral

Funeral Homes

The people who call funeral homes are usually going through a difficult time. It means a lot to prospective customers to have a live person with a courteous voice answer their call.

Funeral Homes

Calls related to death must be handled with professionalism, and it is crucial that the phones are answered live and not by an answering machine. Our answering agents understand their important role as a “virtual receptionist” for your business.
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senior man sitting on the wheelchair

Hospice Care

Hospice care is all about providing support and care for individuals in their final phase of life. When someone calls your hospice care line, reaching a person and not a machine is essential.

Hospice Care

Your hospice care phone line will be promptly answered 24/7 by empathetic, friendly professionals when you have the best answering service in the area. Our cost-effective service will empower you to give patients your attention, and you’ll never miss a call.
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Oilfield Alarm Monitoring

Bridge Communications offers a 24-hour oilfield monitoring service. Our professional answering service is an extra layer of protection for your wells and equipment, as part of a low-cost solution.

Oilfield Alarm Monitoring

We handle numerous oilfield alarm monitoring accounts. We understand that the various alarms at different facilities are programmed to help protect the environment and your equipment while also maximizing production and sounding alerts on safety issues.
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doctors and dentists

Medical & Dental Offices

Keeping down the costs of a medical or dental practice is something doctors and dentists everywhere have in common. We will answer your phones so that office staff can do their work.

Medical & Dental Offices

Our HIPAA-compliant answering service will protect sensitive information while acting as your bridge to patients. The trained answering agents at Bridge Communications know the importance of being respectful and professional in a compassionate way.
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man doing environment service work

Environmental Services

You don’t need to miss another opportunity for environmental service work because the customer reached an answering machine. Bridge Communications will take every call for you.

Environmental Services

When cleanup projects call for environmental services, prompt help is typically needed. It’s crucial to have a live person answering your calls. Don’t miss opportunities to grow your business. Contact us at Bridge Communications for the best answering service.
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truck roadside

Truck Roadside Services

When you’re out providing truck roadside services, our professional answering service will be your backup. Our affordable communications services at Bridge Communications can help 24/7.

Truck Roadside Services

We want to be part of your team! Bridge Communications provides an answering service the way you’ve always wanted. While you’re crossing bridges, we act as a bridge to customers. We’ll catch every call and get the information to you in a flash.
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We Answer For All Industries, Businesses and Professionals.

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